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Want the best out of winter tires? Go a size smaller. Downsizing wheel diameter when purchasing a winter tire and wheel package can amplify this benefit. Tire Butler will provide a quote using a smaller wheel equipped with a more narrow tire. (unless you prefer to use OEM size)  

Downsizing your tires can be effective for winter driving. Rather than using your factory rim and tire size, a smaller diameter wheel is matched with a more narrow-but-taller tire. Overall, the tire is intended to be the same height as you’d choose a higher profile tire. The benefit of narrow winter tires is deeper traction on winter roads. You can save money if you’re driving a car with factory-installed 20" or 22" rims since downsized wheels are cheaper.   https://www.canadadrives.ca/blog/maintenance/are-winter-tires-worth-the-money