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Reliable Flat Tire Repair Service

Your tires are the unsung heroes of your car, bearing the brunt of potholes, glass, and other objects that can puncture or wear them down.


Even the smallest puncture can compromise the safety of everyone in the vehicle, or leave you stranded on the side of the road. Flat tires can result in the rim of the wheel lowering on the tire tread or the road, leading to a loss of control of the vehicle, or irreversible damage to the tire.


A deflated tire can create other car problems and safety concerns, such as:


  • Damage to the valve system
  • Damage to the side walls of the tire
  • Unbalanced tread wear
  • At high speeds, extremely dangerous tire ‘blowouts’


Tire Butler’s flat tire repair services are the safest, easiest solution to fixing punctured or damaged tires. Rather than risking your safety by driving a car with a flat, or being left high and dry on the side of the road, we bring our mobile tire sales & installation service to you, fixing your tire at your home or office.

We can handle the pressure of an immediate flat tire repair emergency.

Don’t let a flat tire get you down.

Flat Tire Repair

Puncture injury cannot be greater than 1/4-inch (6mm) in diameter. Proper repairs must be performed by removing the tire from the rim/wheel assembly for a complete inspection to assess all damage that may be present. Only punctures that are on the tread area can be repaired. See Figure A.


Tire Butler will not make repairs where the injury damage extends into the shoulder/belt edge area, OR where the injury extends at an angle into the shoulder area. If there is any question that the injury extends into the shoulder/belt edge area, then the tire must be taken out of service.

Tire Butler will always repair the tire from the inside using a one-piece combination unit with a stem and patch. A plug or patch by itself is an unacceptable repair.


WE WILL NEVER repair a tire that has an existing, improper repair.
WE WILL NEVER perform an outside-in tire repair or on-the-wheel repair.


Also, some tire manufacturers may have repair limits or restrictions for some tires, such as runflat or extreme high-performance tires. Tire Butler will always refer to the tire manufacturer’s repair guidelines.




Stop wasting time sitting in a garage, book a flat tire repair online today!

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Flat Tire Repair
Flat Tire Repair
Flat Tire Repair
Flat Tire Repair
Flat Tire Repair
Flat Tire Repair