Interesting facts about tires

6 Wheely Awesome Facts About Tires

If you can’t get enough information about wheels – or, you don’t get quickly ‘tired’ of them – these wheely awesome facts about tires are just for you.


And while we’re sure these car and wheel puns will fall flat, these unique tire facts will have that hamster-on-a-wheel in your head spinning.


Black and White

If you asked someone to identify a typical tire, they’ll give you two gauges – it’s round, and it’s black.


Tires aren’t naturally black – they’re actually white, thanks to added zinc oxide for more strength. Manufacturers add carbon black to the rubber of tires, which is said to prolong the lifespan of the average wheel.


The carbon black increases road-wear abrasions of a tire by as much as 100-fold, and improves tensile strength by as much as 1,000%! The black also keeps heat away from tread and belt areas, which is incredibly beneficial, as heat is considered the kryptonite to rubber tires.


Call in the Artillery

The earliest cars didn’t use the rubber rounds that are virtually on every street-legal vehicle today.


Instead, old school cars and carriages used ‘artillery’ wheels to maneuver, trading mortised spokes on wooden naves, for a fitted & bolted artillery alternative. For cars in particular, the wheels would be comprised of forged steel, or welded from steel pressed sections.


To the Tire Butler team, all that jargon simply means, ‘that’s one tough flat to fix’.


Building Tires

Quick – who’s the biggest tire manufacturer in the world?


If you guessed Michelin, you’d be wrong. And if you guessed Bridgestone…well, you’d also be wrong.


The world’s largest tire manufacturer is…Lego. In comparison to near-impossible artillery tire changes, we’ll take a snappy Lego tire change any day of the week.


The Lego company is said to produce over 306 million miniature tires annually, keeping the roads of imagination in a perpetual traffic jam.


Speed is Expensive

No, we aren’t talking about the street drug.


To achieve breakneck, record-breaking speeds, the Bugatti Beyron Super Sport supercar requires top-notch, specialized tires.


Maxing out at a monstrous 258mph (415kph), the Bugatti needs unique Michelin tires that cost $42,500 USD for a single set. Michelin has truly reinvented the wheel to command a price that exceeds most brand-new cars (with tires included, to boot).


The 9th Wonder of the World

The world’s biggest tire isn’t at the nearest monster truck rally.


It’s actually located in Allen Park, Michigan, where the 12-ton, 80-foot-tall tower of rubber was constructed. It’s so robust, it’ll hold firm against hurricane-level gusts.


The giant tire’s resume is more impressive than B-list Hollywood actors. It made a name for itself when it debuted as a Ferris Wheel at the 1964-1965 New York World Fair, where it later retired to Allen Park in 1966.


…Alright, not that impressive.


But it is the subject of urban legend, which tells the tale of the tire breaking loose one day, and rolling across the I-94.


Tweel > Wheel?

Michelin, who’ve mastered tires for speed, are now working on tires for longevity.


Creatively dubbed the ‘tweel’, the newest tire tech is a one-piece, airless wheel and tire. The idea was to create a tire that offers no possibility of flats, and replaceable treads.



If you’re still not tired of wheely cool facts, the Tire Butler team is always open to tire talk, whether you’re considering a new set of wheels, are looking for a winter tire change, or discussing the best tires for your vehicle.


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