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Royal Bank of Canada Talks about Tire Butler at Conference

Dave McKay, president and CEO of Royal Bank of Canada, presented at 2019 RBC Capital Markets Financial Institutions Conference where he mentions Tire Butler:

“We’re going through I think a transformation in how our customers think about the balance sheet from a smallest consumer to a largest corporate and therefore the roles that we play, so creating value, extending value chains through loyalty, through helping manage assets on their behalf. I think, it’s all the more critical. So, you’ve seen our small business ecosystem, you’ve seen our home ecosystem where you’ve seen our drive ecosystem – on the drive side it’s one of our most popular apps where you register your vehicle, you can book all your service appointments with any OEM through the app, so you don’t have to call Toyota, you don’t have to call GM, it’s like open table for auto maintenance. We have Tire Butler, who will come and change your tires, will put winter tires if you happen to live in the Northeast like we do and you need winter tires to get around, take them off for you.”


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