how to protect your rims

How To Protect Your Rims & Keep Your Car In a Good Shape

Car rims can drastically boost the appearance of your car, but they are far more significant than that. They improve the performance of your vehicle and enhance a smoother ride. From braking to acceleration, handling and alignment, your vehicle’s rims are extremely vital.


That said, you need to take care of your car’s rims. They’re constantly exposed to dirt, debris and the elements. Most times, they’ll appear to be in good condition, but if you don’t go the extra mile of making sure they’re 100 percent, they could lead to major difficulties. A small fault could easily lead to major issues if they’re not treated properly.

Protect Your Rims From

• Corrosion caused by road salt, especially on chrome-plated wheels.
• Parallel parking or driving too close to the curb can scrape your wheels.
• Rocks especially when driving off-road.


Top 5 Things to Do to Protect Your Car Rims

We bring you good news! Taking care of your brand-new rims does not have to be a hassle.


Here are 5 great ways to keep your entire car looking new


Avoid Curbs

One major cause of damage when it comes to rims is rubbing them against curbs while parking. Not only can it scratch your rims but it can deform them as well. In a crowded metropolis like Toronto, however, it can be difficult to avoid curbs. But there are a few ways you can take care of your car e.g. a backup camera, enhancing your parking skill, and asking for help when you need it.


Thorough Cleaning Especially in the Winter

Cleaning your rims regularly with gentle soap and water and vigorous scrubbing is a good way to maintain them clean and bright. If you’re doubtful of your cleaning skills, a car detailing expert can make it easier for you.


However, you should double-check that they use proper cleaning and that they don’t remove the clear coat that protects your rims along with the dust. During winter, the stakes are higher. When road salt comes into contact with water, it becomes salt water.


It will splatter onto your wheels and remain there until washed away. The longer saltwater remains on your wheels, the more the metal corrodes. Wash your wheels every other week to keep them clear of salt.


Install Rim Protectors

If you feel like regular washing is taking up too much time, just visit a proficient rim repair expert and get a rim protector installed. It will serve as the buffer between your rims and anything else that may scrape them up. It will also keep dirt and grime off the metal. With a durable protectant around your rims, you might be more confident in driving around in Toronto.


Use A Soft Bristle Brush

Cleaning your wheels? Ditch the steel wool and use a soft bristle brush instead! Soft bristle brushes are your wheels’ best friends. Steel wool, on the other hand, is quite destructive and will scrape your rims. A wheel cleaner and a soft brush will go a long way in removing stubborn tar, brake dust and grime.


Avoid Potholes

These are also destructive little devils. Whenever there are potholes on the road, say off-road driving, slow and avoid obstructions. Keep in mind that taking a few simple precautions might save you a lot of money in the long run.


Visit Your Rim Repair Expert in Toronto

We can’t avoid all the dangers and risks at all times. The good news is that we offer mobile rim protector installation and rim repair services for your needs. If you notice any problems with one or more of your rims, call the Tire Butler at (416) 234-1688. We will repair and replace your rims along with your tires if need be!


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