First in Canada and Toronto based, TireButler is the most trusted mobile tire service for at home tire changes, rim repairs, tire sales and storage.  We've made tire changes easy for thousands of car owners and families.  During our 5+ years in operation we’ve built a track record of trust for our tire knowledge, attention detail, prompt service and deep focus on customer service.  We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and most importantly safe mounting of tires. 

For over a century, the tire industry has been using the same distribution system to sell and service tires – a system that wastes your valuable time visiting a tire installation centre.  In response to demand for a time-saving alternative, Tire Butler offers a ground-breaking solution with unparalleled selection, competitive prices and, most importantly, the most convenience possible.  Without the significant overhead costs of a traditional brick-and-mortar retail store, Tire Butler offers mobile tire replacement and wheel repair/refinishing services at the most accessible location possible: wherever you want!

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As cars have become increasingly sophisticated, wheels and tires have evolved to meet their requirements. Tire Butler has perfected a truck design that can accommodate all of the elements needed to service today’s high performance tires.

Each truck contains:

  • A tire mounting machine that will place todays larger and more expensive tire on rims. As tires have become more a part of the aesthetic of a car, rims have become larger and tires smaller. It takes more sophisticated machinery to place these modern tires on their rims.
  • A ride management computerized balancing system that will perfectly balance tires every time.
  • A complete suite of diagnostic software that identifies and solves even the toughest vibration problems, including those related to excessive radial runout, lateral runout, and residual static imbalance
  • Its own air compressors and generator system that allows each Tire Butler unit to operate independently anywhere , anytime.

The major asset of a service business like Tire Butler is its staff and our staff are simply the best. They train for three months in simulated conditions and with mentors before we allow them out on a job. All of our technicians are certified by SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association). They are all capable of doing all of the functions involved in installing a tire or rim and take the utmost pride in everything that they do. All of our staff are insured. We understand the risks involved in the placement of tires and take our responsibility seriously.

When you are asked by the Porsche, Lamborghini  and Ferrari clubs of Canada to manage tires during their club track days, and you manage BMW’s Driver Training you simply have to be the best at what you do.

The economics of our business force us to ensure that we do things right the first time. Unlike a traditional business that forces you to come to them, wasting your time, to rectify any problems, in our case we have to rectify any issues at our cost and on our own time. This makes it essential that we do it right the first time and ensures that you get perfect quality on our first visit.

Our commitment to you is that we will do it right, the first time.

Our technicians are expertly trained and take great care when servicing your vehicle but accidents can and do happen. That is why TireButler is fully insured by Canada's largest automotive service insurance company.

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